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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Like Sherry Fowler, I went sailing today. And got sunburned, despite my attempts to be responsible and use SPF 30 sunscreen. Ah, well, at least I tried to prevent it (as opposed to my usual strategy of "geez, I hope I don't burn too badly").

Actually, we seem to have had better luck than she did. The weather was excellent for us.

I drove over to the Eastern Shore (of the Chesapeake Bay) to where my dad and stepmother have a second home, on Tilghman Island. We took my dad's boat out sailing in the mouth of the Choptank River. If you've read James Michener's Chesapeake, we were sailing in the area of Devon Island. This was my first time sailing, so they were teaching me some of the basics. I spent some time at the tiller and some time at the winch. Guess which one I liked better? :-) We spent some time becalmed, but in general we had good winds.

I'm hoping that I have more chances to go sailing, because it really was fun. My dad only started 2 years ago, but he loves it. He's spent all the time since he started telling his kids (children and step-children) how great it is and how much we'd all love it. In fact, we're planning a couple day cruise around the Bay in a couple weeks. One reason I'm looking forward to moving to Seattle is the possibility of really learning to sail there.