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Friday, May 28, 2004

One of the hazards of living in DC (well, inside the Beltway) is that you tend to get a little bit blase about the impressive sights that you see. For instance, when I pick up D from work, I drive across Arlington Memorial Bridge past the Lincoln Memorial. When I go visit my family in Baltimore, I drive by the Jefferson Memorial. They're pretty, aren't they? Inspiring, too. And I drive right on by while complaining about stupid DC drivers. (Well, they do suck...)

On very rare occasions, I look up from dodging cars and notice these amazing things and feel the awe that I used to feel. Most of the time, though, it takes an annoying disruption to break through. Like the millions of motorcycles from Rolling Thunder that will be driving by my bedroom window at all hours of the night for the next few days. (As I said before I live by a certain funny-shaped office building. I also live near Arlington Cemetary.)

That's one of the many reasons I need to leave this town. It's made me cynical and killed the magic of seeing the center of American democracy.