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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Best Laid Plans

I had a simple plan today. I've been running low on hard drive space on my primary computer for quite a while. (I'm sure the 11 GB of music has nothing to do with it.) So, I asked one of our IT guys if he could give me an additional hard drive. He thought that sounded like a reasonable request, so he came by in the afternoon to put in the new drive. Unfortunately, in the process of putting in the new drive, he knocked off an important piece of the old drive. This happened to my co-worker a month ago and he lost all of his data, so I wasn't so happy. And, there went my day. I borrowed a company laptop to get me through the afternoon, but getting started up again took the rest of the day. Actually, there was a problem with the first laptop I borrowed, so I had to switch to another one. It was just one of those days, computer-wise.

Happily, the IT managed to get the drive working again through careful use of the soldering iron. And, I got a nice little reminder on the importance of backing up my data...