Jim's Polka

The life of a former software engineer, now a law student

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I was a little late to work this morning because I had to get the measles vaccine. I was wearing my usual summer work outfit, shorts and a T-shirt. (This becomes relevant later.) I hadn't been sitting for more than 5 minutes when G, one of our sales guys, showed up. "Jim," he says, "can you come to a meeting with me? It shouldn't be more than an hour. We're talking with some customers for a custom integration project and we need someone who knows about that stuff." The only other person who could do that, D, was having knee surgery today, so it had to be me. So, off we went, a sales guy and a sales engineer, dressed nice, and me, looking all sloppy. But, as I pointed out, I was earning all kinds of geek cred for showing up dressed that way. I'm sure no one would have believed me if I showed up in khakis and a polo. And, really, it could have been worse. At least there were no visible holes or stains. (Ah, the low standards I have to live up to.)

Anyway, it was all good, except for the fact that the hour-long meeting went 2 and a half hours and cut into my lunch time.