Jim's Polka

The life of a former software engineer, now a law student

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

One of the hardest things about my decision to go to law school has been the need to filter myself at work when I talk about my life. I didn't really want to spend 6 months as a short-timer in the office, so I'm not going to make my plans public knowledge until sometime in August. So far, only my current supervisor and my previous supervisor know. They're also my oldest friends in the company, so I trust their discretion. But, this has left me unable to talk about lots of stuff, like the real reason I went to Seattle a couple weeks ago. I told them I was going to visit family. I think when I go again, I'll probably tell everyone I'm going someplace else, like Abu Dhabi. (Actually, I think I'll pick somewhere I've already been. New York or something.) And then there's the whole home sale thing. It would be nice to be able to complain about all the cleaning or talk about how pretty my home looks when it's all clean, but I can't do either. As anyone who knows me could tell you, this quiet doesn't really comes naturally to me. I hope it doesn't become chronic...