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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Slashdot: Playing Games While Not Ruining Your Relationship?

The thread is alternately depressing and encouraging. There are too many people there saying things like "You should NEVER have to make a sacrifice in a relationship. If she's making you make any sacrifices then she must be some kind of crazy ice bitch." On the other hand, there are sensible grown-ups saying things like "In a healthy relationship, you and your SO will give each other time to pursue your own interests, and you'll both sacrifice some personal time for the other." And in the end, I feel a little better about the world.

Now, D and I don't really have too much trouble over the question of videogames. One thing that helps is that she falls asleep much earlier than I do. So, it's not so hard for me to just wait until then if I want to play. The other thing that helps is that she's been known to play a game or two on occasion as well. A few years ago, she complained that I never bought her any games. (I had just bought myself one, of course.) So, I got her The Sims. And she got sucked in. When my co-workers got us wedding presents, they went in together and bought me an XBox and her a Sims expansion pack. And then we were all happy.

The bigger challenge for us was how to have a relationship with one strong extrovert and one strong introvert. But, that's for another time....