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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Spiderman 2

My company paid for us to see Spiderman 2 tonight. I have to say, the reviews were absolutely right. It really is the best super-hero movie I've ever seen. The fights were excellent, but not the focus of the movie. The effects were excellent as well, but they were supplementary to the story, not its whole purpose (c.f. Matrix Revolutions and any number of other recent movies). The story itself was extremely well done. And, to round it out, the actors were right on, as well. I'm not into that whole "character development" thing in my action movies, but in this one it worked perfectly. (Yes, I'm joking. Kinda.) Oh, and D, who isn't a huge geek like me, liked it, too.

We saw the movie in the depths of the suburbs of Northern Virginia. After we left, I took a wrong turn into the Twilight Zone. Well, actually, a new residential development that was all small, winding streets and garages with no visible way out. We went down 2 dead ends and had to turn around 3 times. And, I think we went all black and white at one point.