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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Center for Talented Youth

Several of the posters at the Volokh Conspiracy have been singing the praises of John's Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth, so I may as well join the crowd. My feeling about the program was pretty similar to Jacob Levy's. I was a geek back then, just like I am now, so I really enjoyed the classes I took through the program (Astronomy, Geology and Writing). In addition, Levy perfectly captures the real significance of the program for me with this:
But what I remember about it, rather than what I see in retrospect, has nothing to do with social mobility. It wasn't about what would come after education. It was the sheer joy and amazement at being around kids my own age who were not only not hostile to the desire to read and learn and think, but who shared it themselves. I didn't leave CTY thinking that continuing to go to places like that would earn me money someday; I left knowing that I'd been happier there than I'd ever been around kids my own age, and that it was possible for "smart kid" to mean something social other than "kid to get beaten up."