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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Things Found While Cleaning Out My Cubicle

  • A circa 1999 Pets.com sock puppet, given as a raffle prize by a former boss in 2002.
  • An Eggo waffle, spray-painted gold, received in July 2000. (Yes, it's gross.)
  • A battery-powered Nerf gun.
  • A secret horde of ammo for aforementioned Nerf gun.
  • An unfinished Star Wars diorama.
  • 3 beer glasses commemorating the release of a product that never sold a single copy.
  • Two framed pictures of me with family.
  • A 1:43 model Honda Civic with customizable parts.
  • A Mashimaro piggy bank.
  • A stuffed version of Mr. Potato Head.
  • A stuffed version of a silverback ape, wearing a ballroom dancing T-shirt.
  • A mini-totem pole.
  • Several mini-teacups with either the Chinese characters "double happiness" or "long life" on them.
  • A miniature Japanese folding screen.
  • 6 boxes of tea, all different types.
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