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Monday, August 23, 2004

Winding Down

I'm slowly finishing up with things at work. I had my exit interview last week. Nothing exciting or even interesting to it. I did get asked if my job was fairly represented to me when I interviewed. Since the company has completely changed focus since I started, it's not really a question that could be answered.

I completed my last programming task on Friday. I was expecting to spend these last few days documenting code and passing my knowledge to the new guys (and web-surfing). Then our CTO calls me into his office, "Jim, I realize poor planning on my part does not make an emergency on your part......." 'However." "Yes, however, we have an emergency." Apparently we forgot to file for a patent. (And, by we, I mean someone other than me. :-) ) The product in question was released at the beginning of October last year, and we have a year to get the application in, so things are a little tight. So, I'm going to spend the next two days writing the technical part of the application. Should be fun. (And, I'll get another patent out of the process.)