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Thursday, September 30, 2004

It Has Begun (First Week)

Short version: the first week has been great. This is just a first impression, but my section seems to be completely free of assholes. In fact, everyone I've talked to so far (which is probably 75% of the section) is really cool. I've already got my little clique that I hang out with. We've begun the process of shunning all outsiders.

Our professors seem like genuinely nice people. I'm not expecting them to be easier on us because of that, but it's nice to see. In our semi-study group today, the vote was split pretty evenly on who we'd most like to go out for a beer with.

And I had my first law school geek moment this week. A bunch of us went to a small sandwich place off-campus for lunch on Tuesday. We proceeded to have an animated discussion on the day's CivPro reading as the others in the restaurant stared at us in (disgust/dismay/fear). Yup, I'm still a geek.

Oh, and Prof Contracts is interested in using the non-compete agreement I signed for my last job as a class exercise. And, D's also, if she has to sign one for her new job. That should be amusing.

My only other story is about Prof Torts, who likes to use props in class. He had us demonstrating the various situations described in this week's cases. I got a stick with which to accidentally hit my classmate. He got a helmet.