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Saturday, September 04, 2004


So, here's how I've spent the last week or so (the short version). Last Friday, we went to a wedding. It was fun. Saturday and Sunday, we spent all of our time packing, finally finishing at 2 am Monday. The movers arrived at 7:30 and had all of our stuff out by 1 that afternoon. We cleaned Monday evening and Tuesday morning, then got on the road after lunch.
Tuesday night: North Lima, OH
Wednesday night: Rockford, IL
Thursday night: Sioux Falls, SD
Friday night: Gilette, WY
Tonight: Missoula, MT

Yesterday, we stopped at the Corn Palace, Wall Drug and Mt. Rushmore. Today, we drove almost 600 miles. Tomorrow, God willing, we'll arrive in Seattle and I'll never have to drive again.

One reason we have to do this so fast is that our movers claim that they will be delivering on Tuesday morning. If all goes well, I will be singing their praises here. Unfortunately, we still have to get the cable set up, so my internet access will continue to be spotty.