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Monday, October 11, 2004

Still Above Water

I'm not sinking yet, although I have a busy week coming up. We're going to a friend's wedding in South Carolina from Thursday to Sunday, which is going to cut into study time. (I'm going to bring some reading for the plane, but that's the most I can hope for.) Then, the day after I get back is the mediation competition. I don't have much hope for success (or desire, really), but I would at least like to avoid major embarrassment.

Of course, all this is going to put me a little behind on the reading. And, although I aspire to someday achieve Energy Spatula's zen-like state of unconcern over class reading, I'm not quite there yet. Hence the reading for the plane. I did go to the copy place this weekend and get the spines cut on my textbooks. Now, each is in its own loose-leaf notebook, which means I can just take the sections I need for the weekend and I don't have to break my back carrying three heavy books with me.

I went to my first student group meeting last week, for the Technology Law Society. Somehow, I came away having just been elected to the position of 1L representative. This is exactly why I must not be allowed to go to more meetings.

Oh, and this week's Torts reading included an opinion so annoying that only the fact that it was written 60 years ago kept me from hopping a plane to New York to beat the judge with a stick.