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Monday, October 11, 2004

Weddings Are Fun

I lived in a house with a bunch of grad students for my last year of college and my first year of work. We referred to ourselves as the Ship of Dorks and we're a pretty ridiculous bunch. I'm almost definitely the most conventional one of the group, but they do bring out the best in me. Getting married hasn't really changed much that way, because the wives are just as fun.
Since we moved out, we've had one wedding a year. (Mine was number 4.) As of last year's wedding, there was only one single guy left, but he had brought his girlfriend. We were rooting for things to work out with her, because she's just our type, so we were pretty excited when they got engaged last Thanksgiving and even more excited when they scheduled the wedding for this year. So, I wasn't about to miss that, law school or no law school. The decision was simplified by the fact that I don't have an exam that really counts until March.

So, sometime on Saturday, think of me and all the fun we'll be having dancing the night away in sunny (and warm) Charleston, SC.