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Thursday, November 04, 2004

School Update

Well, happily, I got exactly the result I was hoping for from the mediation competition. We won on the second night and failed to make the semi-finals. A strange result to root for, I'll admit, but I'm happy with it.
I've started introducing myself to IP professors. I remember that it was nice to have a professor or two to talk to in the engineering department during undergrad, so I'm trying to get something like that here, too. It's been pretty interesting, so far. The one I talked to today used to be a high-up in-house counsel at what Energy Spatula might call Barely Veiled Enormous Software Company (BVESC). I'm supposed to send him my resume next week. I guess I'd better put that thing together, huh?
I'm starting to think I should have a daily post with a funny quote from ProfTorts. There's at least one funny line every class. The high point of the week was the story he told about himself that ends with, "I'm sorry, I think you're looking for the other dwarf."