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Friday, December 17, 2004

And...... Done

Torts wasn't so bad. Of course, everyone felt that way, so it'll probably work out the same as the others when the curve gets factored in. But, at least we didn't come away with that "What did we do to make the professor hate us?" feeling, like in Contracts.

At least this week hasn't provided me with an exam horror story like these. Happily, I have 8 more sets of exams that are bound to give me a story or two. (Quarter system, you know.)

We all went to the bar at 11 after the exam. About 2/3 of my section showed up, which was pretty great. I like my section a lot, even though we've acquired an (undeserved) reputation in the law school as the super-competitive, type-A section. However, I have to say - beer before lunch is probably not my thing.