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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Joy and Pain

The stress around school is getting thicker and thicker. There's definitely been a touch of panic, even though it's all midterms for 1Ls, so exams only count for 10% or so of our final grade. Somehow, I can't get past the worry.

On the other hand, I was extremely productive over Thanksgiving. There's not a lot to do in D's home town and there was no internet access, so I really didn't have a lot to do except study (and play on the Game Boy). So, I used the time to catch up on my outlining.

As a bonus, the final memo for BLS is due Monday and we have some weird quiz on Tuesday. The memo's almost done, although I'm skating at the edge of the word limit (21 words under, but I think I have a few more cites to add).

On the other hand, I do have some pretty good news. Thanks to super-mentor, I got an interview with the patent group at one of the biggest law firms in town. I went to lunch with two of their lawyers yesterday and I had been invited back for a full interview within 45 minutes of leaving. Since I'm not a jerk (I think), I'm avoiding talking about this at school. Hopefully, my one reader from school will ignore this little bit of bragging. :-)