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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Number Two - Done

Contracts was ok. I thought it was a little better than the Civpro, but the consensus from the class is that I'm crazy, so there you go. I didn't feel like I was running out of time like in the Civpro exam. Unfortunately, it didn't help that much. I had more time to consult my notes, but I was so confused by the end of the first question that I couldn't really add anything more to it, even with the extra time. I have no doubt that I missed something, but as before, I have no idea what. On the bright side, I'm pretty happy with my answer to the policy question. I think I hit some of the ideas she really likes to talk about. And, there's the constant mantra "Only a midterm, only a midterm."

On the bright side, the weather was amazing today. Hardly a cloud in the sky. I could see the mountains to the west (snow-capped, of course) for the whole bus ride in and I even saw a little bit of the mountains to the east when I was crossing the bridge. We spent the hour before the exam started hanging out in the sun and talking about anything but school. Not a bad way to go.

Some enterprising classmates found a bar in the area that opens at 10:30, so the post-Torts beer is on. And it will be good.