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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Study, Study, Study

There are a lot of problems with being on the quarter system, but there is one advantage for 1Ls. Our first set of exams are only mid-terms, so they all count for no more than 10% of our grade. In the case of CivPro, the test doesn't count at all if you do better on the final. Despite that, I'm still stressing, for some reason. Maybe I can't help myself, or maybe it's a side effect of hanging out around other people who are stressed.

Anyway, I finished my last outline (Contracts) on Thursday. It was nice to see that remedies made a lot more sense now than when we were learning about them back in October. Some 2Ls have told me that ProfContracts likes to see policy incorporated into our analysis. I guess I should have realized this before, but I hadn't given it much thought before, so now I'm looking through all of my notes for any nugget of policy that I should be thinking about. So, we'll see how that goes.

The CivPro exam is Monday. I just took a practice exam that went pretty well, so I'm feeling OK about it. Contracts is on Wednesday. I'm less sure what to do about that, but I guess I have a little more time to think about it. And, Torts is Friday morning. We're planning to go out drinking afterwards. Some people might say that 10:30 is too early to go drinking, but we'll show them. Oh, and my second interview with these people was originally scheduled for next Monday, but they had to reschedule, so I'll be doing it on Dec 30, instead. Given how well the first interview went, it can only be downhill from here.

Oh, and I'm heading back to the East Coast for Christmas. D can't come because her first day of work is next Monday. I wish she could come, but I know she's been incredibly bored sitting around the house for the last 3 months. And, it'll be a nice switch to have some money coming in for a change.