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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Negotiation Competition

We just finished the second night of the negotiation competition. I definitely enjoyed it more than the mediation competition back in the fall, but I'm still pretty drained from the whole thing.

We were given the scenario for our side about two weeks ago. On Monday, they assigned us the team that we'd be negotiating with. Yesterday and today we had negotiation sessions. Now, we have to write a contract by Tuesday. Half of our score comes from the negotiation and half comes from the contract. At this point, I don't care all that much, though. I achieved my main goal of the event, which was to just do a good job. Anything beyond that would be a bonus, but not expected. I'm happy to say that my partnership with E worked out very well, so hopefully she'll be interested in teaming up for the appellate argument competition in the spring.

I discovered that I'm pretty good at what I think of as the soft skills. I did a pretty good job of keeping the parties talking and keeping the negotiations moving when it looked like we were near an impasse. On the other hand, I'm not a very good hard-ass. I was just way too wishy-washy when it came to pushing hard on particular terms. E did a much better job with that part.

Oh, and I think LQ saw firsthand proof that some in the 1L class need to learn how to dress up right for these things. She's a nice person, but the fishnets were probably not the best way to go.