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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Unfortunately, another set of exams is approaching. We had our last Torts class today. Tomorrow is the end of the line for Contracts and Civpro. And unlike the fall quarter exams (which account for about 10% of the grade in those classes), these exams really count.

After the last set of exams, I decided that I was going to do better in the winter with outlining and reviewing classes as I went along. This resolution, like so many others made at New Year's, didn't really work out as I hoped. I think I did a little bit of outlining at the end of January, but aside from that, it's all happened in the last week or so. Happily, I'm almost there. Contracts has been the hardest, just like it was in the fall. I've spent a lot of time bonding with the Examples and Explanations book. I'm starting to feel like I understand parol evidence. This probably means that I'm doomed.

At least I don't have to worry about looking for a job. Half of my class is worrying about their application to the state AG's office, which is due by Friday.

Oh, and a little shout-out to my Prof Property, who is the best professor ever. On top of being really smart and really excited about the subject (how often does that happen?), he's being extra-nice to us this week. He stopped by to say hi to a couple of us on Monday morning and found out that we didn't have any time off to study. Within 20 minutes, he had sent out an e-mail halving the reading for the week. He's also let us out of class early the last 2 days. And did I mention how he's managed to make property interesting? (not covenants. I don't think anything could help with covenants.)