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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So Bad I Had to Leave the Country

Well, not quite that bad. Contracts was not fun. The fact pattern question was absurdly long and took up 3.5 out of the 4 hours we were given. The policy question got the rest. On the bright side, everyone else was in the same boat. And given that she did the same thing for the midterm, it's not really a big surprise.

The one nice thing was that it put us all in the mood to go drinking afterwards. SBA even paid for the first couple pitchers, which was pretty nice. Probably a third of the class passed through the bar at some point during the day, so there was much bonding. I found out some about who people like and who they don't in my section. (The good news is, at least I'm not in the second category.) I drank more than I had drunk in one sitting in 10 years. My friends were still disappointed, though, because they really wanted to see me drunk. My friend M even offered to buy all my drinks for the rest of the night if I stayed to drink with them. Sadly, I had to disappoint them.

On Saturday, we did actually flee the country. After D's knitting class in the morning (she's learning continental style), we set off for Vancouver. We were only going to be there one night, so we stayed at a pretty classy hotel. They had a turn-down service and everything. I had tried to convince D that we needed to stay at the Four Seasons, but I didn't win with that one. We were only there for 24 hours and it rained almost the whole time, so we were limited in what we could do. We had a very nice dinner at a restaurant called Cin Cin. We chose it based on convenience and looks, but it turned out to be surprisingly good. And they didn't seem to mind that I wasn't really dressed nice enough for the decor. After dinner, we got dessert at the appropriately named Death by Chocolate, which was spectacular. We were so full from dinner that we had to split dessert, but it was all worth it.

On Sunday, we walked around town a little more and did a little shopping on Robson St. We actually got the British editions of all of the Thursday Next books. I don't know if they're actually different, but D feels that the authenticity is important. (We have the British versions of Bridget Jones's Diary and the Harry Potter books for the same reason.)

I was a little surprised by the border crossing. There was a really long wait to get into Canada and a semi-long wait to get back to the US. The guy in Canada asked what we came to do, but never asked for any ID. The US guy just checked our passports and asked if we bought anything. He didn't even look in our trunk.

Of course, the rain stopped as soon as we got home. *sigh* At least I have nice weather for spring break.