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Monday, March 14, 2005

Torts? Done!

I just got back from my Torts final. Actually, I got back, watched the second half of Gilmore Girls, and caught up with blog reading. But, regardless...

The morning was particularly nice. I never know what to do before these afternoon exams. I've taken to coming in a couple hours early and hoping that someone I know will show up to talk to (about things other than the exam). Today I found a couple people complaining about how they run our BLS class. I figured it was better to be annoyed then nervous, so I joined in.

Oh, but before that, I came really close to locking myself out. I had the computer and I was at the door, ready to head in to school. I stepped outside and was about to close the (already locked) door when I did a quick pocket check. And sure enough, no keys. In fact, not only didn't I have my keys, I didn't have my wallet (with my bus pass). And, I didn't have my cell phone since D took it for the day. That would have made the exam a lot more fun, I guess.

Anyway, the exam was alright. So far, I've been pretty good at not dwelling on my exams after they're done, so I'm going to try to maintain that pattern. There was a small issue-spotter, a big issue-spotter and a policy question. We didn't really talk much policy during the class, so I have no idea how that'll come out. I also wasted 20 minutes talking about issues that weren't part of the question for the smaller issue-spotter. I'm pretty thrilled with myself for that. But, I feel like I did alright, generally, which is the best I could hope for.

So, onward to Civpro.....