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Friday, April 15, 2005

Conference Over

The conference was excellent. I wish I didn't have this stupid school thing that kept me from going to more of it. I took lots of notes, so I may write up some stuff about what went on. I'll try not to overburden you all, since I know all this law talk can be too much for some of you. (Little brother, I'm looking at you...)

I introduced myself to the panelists after a particularly good panel yesterday. My nametag said I was a law student, but I also mentioned that I was an ex-engineer. One of the panelists, a guy from the Center for Democracy and Technology said (jokingly, mostly) "An engineer? Well, I hope you do something worthwhile with that, like civil rights. Better that than patents." Of course, that's what I'll be doing this summer. But, the other reason I came to law school was because I was interested in things like he was talking about. So, I bugged him for some advice today about what to do if I wanted to go in the direction of what he's working on. He didn't have a lot of specific advice, but he was encouraging generally and he did have some good ideas. I'm thinking of trying to do an externship with his group sometime in the next year or two, if I can convince D that it's ok for me to be out of town for 2 months. I think the quarter system makes it easier to consider this because it involves a shorter commitment.

So, in the midst of all the conference stuff, I skipped all my classes Wednesday and just went to CrimLaw on Thursday. So, yeah, there's a lot to catch up on.