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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

School? What School?

Tonight, I went to an event at the Science Fiction Museum. David Brin, who is my favorite science fiction author, and Cory Doctorow (of BoingBoing, among other things) did a combined event. They read from their writing and mainly just talked about the world as they see it. It was very interesting. I also chatted with both of them while I was in line waiting for Brin to sign my book. I managed to avoid saying anything overly embarrassing or fanboy-ish. I did tell Brin that I was 11 when I read my first book that he wrote.

Anyway, the two of them are in town to attend the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference. This is exactly the sort of topic that brought me to law school. As it happens, I even know a little something about the topic, since I used to work for a company on video surveillance stuff. (Sure, that makes me part of the problem from their perspective, but even so...) Anyway, I volunteered to help out with it. They've assigned me the best possible job for a volunteer. I'm supposed to go to the sessions and write up a paragraph about what happened. Then they'll combine it all into a single sheet summary of the day and give it to everyone the following day.

I'll be doing it all day tomorrow and part of the day on Thursday. Classes will be skipped. That research I'm supposed to be doing for our appellate brief? Well, I'll get to it, but it won't be easy.

Oh, since I'm going to be taking notes on the sessions anyway, I'll probably post my impressions when it's all over. Maybe over the weekend.