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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

That's It!

It's not often that you find something on the internet that describes you perfectly. Today, however, I learned that I'm a stealth geek.

An SG looks pretty much like anyone else. It could be said that an SG is a geek who has developed some fashion sense. Not that an SG will ever look like something out of Vogue or GQ, but SGs have learned not to look too out of it, either. Because hey still lack supreme confidence in their fashion know-how, they may not take risks, settling for the standard business suit or simple jeans and shirt combination for casual wear.
Often the watershed in the transition from geek to stealth geek is the purchase of contact lenses, but this is not always the case. A more stylish pair of glasses may replace the sturdy, practical pair worn in the past.


the main test is that no one should think upon an initial encounter with a stealth geek, "What a geek!" They may think that when Star Trek finds its way into a conversation, but they don't think it because of general behavioral characteristics.
Yup, jeans and solid colors are the rule for me. And if you could only see the glasses I used to wear......

Yesterday, someone in my section was talking about a bumper sticker he'd seen on the back of a car. It was red and said "If this is blue, you're driving too fast." I laughed out loud, then explained the joke to everyone else. And, as we all know, nothing's geeky like explaining a science joke.

Lucky for me, D's almost definitely a stealth geek, too.

(Courtesy of GeekPress)