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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

That's My Town!

When I was in high school, me, my brother and my friends M and J tried to go cow-tipping. This is not the sort of thing that you learn how to do when you grow up in Baltimore City, so we had a lot of unexpected problems. First, we had a hard time finding cows (see the previous sentence about our location). We ended up looking for them in the Pikesville area. I'm just glad we didn't run into these guys instead.

Police dispatched more than a dozen cruisers and one helicopter. They shut down roads, and state highway workers closed a Beltway ramp.

All to round up a herd of American bison disrupting rush hour and roaming through the upscale neighborhoods of Baltimore County's Greenspring Valley.


For going on three hours, more than a dozen officers and a handful of volunteers worked to load the animals on a trailer, which could hold a few at a time, for the ride back to the farm.

Each time one climbed aboard, the crowd cheered and clapped. But when the bison did what animals inevitably do, the crowd let out a collective "Eww."

"I called the Health Department," said Joan Magill, agent for the homeowners association at the complex. "They said we need to use a disinfectant."

Don't forget to check out the pictures, too.