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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Daily Update

I accidentally picked up two new assignments yesterday. I volunteered for one in the morning, helping a partner update a presentation on trade secrets. Then another partner stopped by in the afternoon with another assignment. I didn't want to say no both because I really like him and because he's the lead for our group, so I definitely want to impress him. Also, the assignment is to write a patent from scratch, which is an experience I'd love to have. He's going to take me through it step-by-step, so it shouldn't be too scary. (At least until I get to writing the claims.) However, it does mean that I'd better not pick up any new work for the next week or two.

I'm still getting free lunches. That's nice, but it's not the reason I like the firm as much as I do. That's more about the people. Just about everyone seems to be both smart and nice. The people in the patent group are great, but so are the other summer associates (even the ones from hoity-toity law schools). And so are the lawyers from other groups. I'm into it enough that I'm thinking about teaching ballroom classes for the rest of the summer, if enough people are interested.

The law review writeon continues. After a couple major revisions, it's starting to look ok. Maybe not spectacular, but not bad either. Unfortunately, I forgot to pick up my number for grading, so I'm going to have to run up to school on Thursday to get that. And then again on Friday to turn it in. But after that, I'll be done! And I can do all those things I've been putting off, like watching the last two episodes of The OC.