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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dancing With the Stars

I love this show! The dancing is actually quite good. I'm not sure who my favorite is yet. I will say that making the male stars lead quickstep is rough. It's not easy to lead when you're moving that fast. Joey McIntyre did a really good job, though. The judges were right - he does need to work on his posture. But he kept it together really well and did some nice footwork.

Rachel Hunter was even more impressive doing rumba. She looked like someone who had been dancing for a lot more than the few weeks that they've been training. And, as D noted, "She's really flexible."

Update: Trista was ok. Whatever. Didn't really knock me out.

But, John O'Hurley did an excellent job. The mean British just said what I was about to say, but I'll repeat. He had excellent posture. They did an excellent job moving together. The feet looked nice. (To me, the posture is the most important thing. Mostly because it took me so long to get the hang of it.)

Update 2: Yeah, Kelly Monaco is really stiff. Good-looking, but not much with the dancing.

Evander Holyfield may just be too big for some of these dances. He seems too used to the style of movement of boxing to switch over to that of dancing.

I think these last two were the worst of the bunch. So, let's see who gets eliminated...

Final Update: Trista gone. That's wrong. She wasn't the best, but she was definitely better then Kelly. Maybe if I'd been watching American Idol, I'd be used to this.