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Monday, June 06, 2005


I really like the local public library. The new building for the main library is really cool. It allows me to indulge my penchant for light reading without spending tons of money. Just as important, it lets me read a lot of books without have to find the shelf space to put it in. Oh, and they've got a nice web page. You can go there, search through their catalog and then click on the "Hold" button and they'll add you to the wait list. Then they send you an e-mail when the book is in.

The problem is, sometimes it's so easy that I get a little carried away, which is maybe not the best thing to do while school is going on. A couple months ago, I got a little carried away and added a bunch of books to my hold list. At least one of them, Collapse by Jared Diamond, is probably a bad choice to have to read in three weeks during law school. The good news is, there's still several hundred people ahead of me for that one. But, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is now ready for me. I can wait until after exams to pick it up, but I think this is going to be hell on my law review write-on.