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Monday, August 15, 2005

Well, the patent application isn't filed yet. One of the inventors had a whooooole lot of comments that resulted in me having to rewrite a whole section. Now, I'm worried about finishing it before I'm done work. I'm sure I'll finish writing, but I'm a little doubtful that I'll be able to get the inventors to sign off in time. That would be a little disappointing, but not really the worst thing in the world.

Work remains really great. Because of the unfinished application, I'm having a little trouble getting my other work done in a timely manner, which is a problem, but I'll deal. The partner I'm doing the application for just asked me (again) if I want to work for them during the school year. I'm not sure about that, mostly because of the journal. I told him I'll get back to him in November when I have a better of what my year is like.

I put in requests for 11 firms for OCI. Now, I have two kinds of regret. One, there are a couple picks that aren't such a great idea. In particular, there's on firm that's famous for associates billing 3000 hours. Second, I'm starting to wonder if I'd be happier just coming back to the same firm next summer. Everyone says I should split my summer with the old firm and somewhere else, but I'm not too excited about that choice. The main reason is, I really like the people at this one. They remind me of the people I worked with at the old company, who were a pretty exceptional group. It would be pretty fun to come back when I have a better idea of what's going on both in the firm and in the areas of law that I'm working in.

By the way, transmogriflaw just said a lot of the things I've been thinking. (Except maybe the bit about doing estate law.)