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Monday, September 12, 2005

After 2 weeks of slacking off, I finally have something to do today. Specifically, my first two interviews for OCI are this afternoon. Inconveniently, I probably don't want to work for one of them and I'm doubtful about the other. Both firms have their good points and they're fine, prestige-wise, but what I've heard about them leads me to think that they won't be good matches to my personality. Actually, there's only one firm that I think could be a good fit. I'm interviewing with them on Wednesday. Regardless, this should be fun.

I'm not too worked up about this because my fallback option is pretty damn good. My summer firm called me on Thursday to invite me back for next summer (and to work during the year, if I want). As I've said before, I really liked working for them and I think there are huge opportunities to build a really good career there. In addition, one of the partners I worked for would be a great mentor (and expressed some interest, in fact). So, tell me again why I should look at other firms? Plus, there's the trip to Greece to think about....