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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh, a few other things. I think I have a topic for my law review note now, or at least a really good idea for one. I talked to my Patents professor after class last Monday and she suggested it. It's timely, and I think I can get her to be my advisor for it.

The clinic is also coming together. It looks like we're going to be working with a policy group in DC to make bad things happen to bad people. For the public good. (Maybe I'll link to it at some point. I'm still thinking about it.)

D's birthday is this week, so I took her out to dinner yesterday. We went to this undergroud restaurant that calls itself Gypsy. Basically, well-known local chefs get together and cook for a small group of people in an undisclosed location. It's all very cloak-and-dagger. It may sound weird, but the food was spectacular. Of course, we were the youngest people there. The lady next to me guessed that we were in our early 20s.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Law-related news first...

Those of you who loved Contracts should make sure to check out TG Daily's article RTF EULA (Read The End-User Licensing Agreement). Read it. Revel in the ways that "clever" lawyers try to contract their way around contract law. In particular, you 1Ls will enjoy the first one on the third page, where the license explains that it really, truly, honest-to-God isn't including a penalty clause. No really, I promise it's just a liquidated damages clause. (Non-lawyers, please ignore this.)

Then, for a helluva a good time in patent law, check out this article about litigation over condom patents. (It's Salon, so be ready to watch an ad.) I doubt I'll ever run across anything this fun.

I have to say, Evidence is really ruining Law and Order for me. I'm hoping it's like when I first started doing ballroom and couldn't help evaluating every song on the radio for which dance you could do. At least that wore off eventually...

Last Friday's callback was ....... ok. I really liked some of the people. I had a good time answering the technical questions (and apparently did a good job). But, I don't think it was quite good enough. So, I'm left at the same place I started - almost definitely going back to the firm from last summer.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

OK, so I think I was going to talk about my classes. Here's the list:

Patents - This is looking very good. The professor is pretty good, so far. And, of course, I already know I like the subject matter. The summer doing patent work is definitely going to help here. The fact that it starts at 8:30 two days a week would be really annoying, if it wasn't for...
Trademarks - which starts at 8:05 two days a week. Who wouldn't love that? (Um... me?) The professor didn't get particularly good reviews when I was picking classes last spring, and he's been pretty close to expectations - maybe slightly better. He's a practicing lawyer and in the first class he made sure to mention his billing rate and the fact that he was a "rainmaker". One of my friends dropped the class in the middle of the first meeting. However, if you want to learn trademarks, he's pretty much the only option, so here I stay.
Evidence - No, not the professor that has you writing songs and stuff. That one conflicted with Patents. Instead, I have the prof that LQ had for Fed Courts. The pacer. I'm not a nervous guy, but watching him makes me twitchy. However, when it comes to class, he does a very good job. Nothing will stop him from keeping up with the reading, even if it means he has to talk at double speed during the last 10 minutes. He wrote the book, which could have been bad news, but is actually well-written and easy to work with.
Tech Law Clinic - pretty cool, so far. It's a public policy clinic, so the prof is bringing in all sorts of people to help us understand the legislative process. In the first week, the heads of the state Republican and Democratic parties spoke to us. Last week, there was a guy who talked about how to testify before legislative committees. He may know a little bit about it, too - apparently he helped Anita Hill prepare for her testimony, back in the day. We haven't done a whole lot of clinic-y stuff, yet, though, so who knows what will happen next.

Having said all that, the schedule is ridiculous. No two classes next to each other - I have hour or two hour breaks all week. I guess at some point I'll spend that time studying, instead of sitting around bull-shitting, but that point hasn't come yet. Oh, and Evidence is a Tuesday through Friday class. What's up with that?

Everything's going fine right now, but I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like I said, we haven't done much clinic stuff, but I know that's going to be a time-suck when it ramps up. And I haven't been assigned anything for the journal yet, but that'll be even worse. Happily, I'm writing for the last book of the year, so I have a little more time to come up with a topic.

I got one callback out of OCI, scheduled for two weeks from now. I still haven't heard back from two firms, but I figure if I haven't heard by now, I'm not going to. Anyway, I had a great talk with a friend from the summer firm this evening, so I'm feeling really good about sticking with them. I've also convinced him and his wife to buy a house in my neighborhood.