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Monday, October 24, 2005

Law-related news first...

Those of you who loved Contracts should make sure to check out TG Daily's article RTF EULA (Read The End-User Licensing Agreement). Read it. Revel in the ways that "clever" lawyers try to contract their way around contract law. In particular, you 1Ls will enjoy the first one on the third page, where the license explains that it really, truly, honest-to-God isn't including a penalty clause. No really, I promise it's just a liquidated damages clause. (Non-lawyers, please ignore this.)

Then, for a helluva a good time in patent law, check out this article about litigation over condom patents. (It's Salon, so be ready to watch an ad.) I doubt I'll ever run across anything this fun.

I have to say, Evidence is really ruining Law and Order for me. I'm hoping it's like when I first started doing ballroom and couldn't help evaluating every song on the radio for which dance you could do. At least that wore off eventually...

Last Friday's callback was ....... ok. I really liked some of the people. I had a good time answering the technical questions (and apparently did a good job). But, I don't think it was quite good enough. So, I'm left at the same place I started - almost definitely going back to the firm from last summer.