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Monday, November 14, 2005

Other updates... First, the job search is over. I decided to go with the same firm as last summer. They all seemed pretty happy about that, which was nice to see.

Second, Trademarks is still not good. The class isn't all that organized, for one thing. It might be different if we had a textbook, but it's all based on things that he's thrown together from treatises, plus a somewhat random bunch of cases. And, we have a guy in the class who's very, very annoying. He always has something to say, and it's rarely as close to the topic as we might like. It's like being a 1L again. Worst of all, he's a 3L, so he really should know better. I wonder why no one ever stopped him before (ESpat and LQ, I'm looking at you guys.).

Prof Evidence, in addition to moving around a lot as he teaches, has another amusing quirk. If no one answers his questions, he waits. And waits. He will not move on until someone volunteers. He seems to be counting on someone in the class cracking under the pressure before he does. It works, too, although it sometimes leaves us with several minutes of dead air. It wouldn't be such a big deal, except that he doesn't let you go with one question when you answer. People who know the answer to the first question don't want to volunteer because they know they won't know the next 4 or 5. Also, I think I've had enough of hearsay exceptions. I know the syllabus says that we have another week of it, but I think I'm done now.