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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The project to re-install Windows on the laptop turned into a long-overdue call to Dell tech support. The upshot is that, after 3 hours, we determined that the problem (one of the problems) was that the motherboard needs to be replaced. I'm pretty ambivalent about this, since it means being without the computer for a while, potentially including the beginning of the quarter. The real concern is that I need to be doing research on the patent laws for my journal note right now and maybe giving up my primary machine isn't the smartest idea. But, it's either now or next July, and I decided I'd better take the risk. For one, the damn thing isn't getting any more stable as time goes on. Anyway, I sent it out this afternoon. Now, everybody pray for me that all goes well.

Despite the fact that I really need to be working, I've been slacking off the last couple days. Over the weekend, we wrapped up the Christmas shopping (except that I still need to buy things for D). Then D took me out for a nice steak dinner. Yesterday, I experienced the thrill of going to the post office right before Christmas.

Oh, and after 2 weeks of almost completely clear weather, it's reverted to the norm - rain, rain, rain. That's not all bad, since the temperature is a good bit higher when it's raining (i.e. at least 10 degrees warmer). On the other hand, it's nice being able to see the mountains. When the weather's clear, you can see snow-capped mountains from the front step of the house, which is pretty nice. When my brother Andy was in town a couple months ago, he missed that view by a day. It doesn't look like it's going to be any better when he gets here this week.